10 Attributes of Top SEO Companies


No two businesses are exactly alike. By that logic, no two SEO marketing firms are the same. However, there are some traits that the top SEO companies all share. If you’re looking for one of the top marketing firms to represent your business, keep an eye out for these attributes.

10 Attributes of Top SEO Companies

1. Achieved Great Rankings: Does the company you’re vetting have the type of rankings you’d like to have for their other clients? If they don’t, what makes you think they can do any differently for you? Top SEO companies have achieved for other clients the type of rankings you’d like to have for your own business.

2. Realistic Expectations: The top marketing firms know that there are no guarantees in SEO. Therefore, they will never promise you specific rankings in a specific amount of time. Stay away from promises that sound too good to be true. An ethical company will always be realistic about what you can expect and will never guarantee you results that they can’t realistically provide.

3. Custom Billing Packages: Is a SEO company trying to fit you into one of their three pricing tiers? Then they’re likely not the best choice. The top companies will get to know your business and your goals before starting to talk about cost. By focusing on ROI instead of budget, you will have the flexibility to make changes that will get you the most out of your efforts.

4. Legitimate Tactics: Top companies never use tactics that contradict a search engine’s best practices. They won’t explain that they plan to game or trick the search engine to get you to the top. Instead, they’ll focus on changes that better serve you and your users. Top SEO companies use words like “alignment,” “best practices,” and “guidelines,” and will focus on benefiting your audience rather than undermining a search engine.

5. Regular Planned Communication: We’ve seen again and again that the best companies take advantage of regular, planned communication to help their clients succeed. This time is vital for both updating you on progress and learning about new developments on your end that could impact their efforts. Look for a company that is willing to set out specific communication guidelines in your contract.

6. Strong Account Managers: Individual account managers have a huge impact on any campaign’s success. The top SEO companies attract the top account managers. They have ongoing training and fixed procedures to ensure communication and work put into individual accounts are up to par. If you find that a given account manager isn’t meeting your needs, the top companies will make it simple to change to a different one.

7. Transparency: The best SEO companies will be transparent about changes they make to your site. They’ll give details on any changes they make and show you clear proof of any content they create for you. They’ll also provide you unrestricted access to any third party accounts they open for you. The best companies have nothing to hide, so you’ll never have to guess about how they’re spending your time and money.

8. Clear Reporting: You’re smart enough to understand any legitimate SEO report. The top companies know this, which is why they will use straightforward reporting. A reputable company will always take the time to answer any questions you have about a report. The answers will make sense and will reflect the reality you’re seeing in your business.

9. Flexibility: As your business grows and evolves, tactics that once made sense might cease to be the best choice. The top companies understand this, and are flexible about making changes to their strategy. Great companies will use their communication time with you to keep up with changes in your business and will apply this information judiciously. They will engage in conversations about whether a certain activity provides the highest ROI and will inform you of changes in their field that might impact your rankings.

10. Access to the CEO: We recommend having a conversation with your vendor’s CEO at least once a year. The top marketing firms will encourage this type of communication, which allows you to give feedback about your experience. Communicating with the CEO will trigger him or her to review your campaigns and get a status update from their team. This means everyone downstream will be aware you are directly communicating with their boss.


Accessibility, transparency, ethics, and flexibility are all hallmarks of the top SEO companies on the market. When vetting potential businesses, look for companies that use these attributes as their foundation.

– Grow Team