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Creating meaningful links between your content and other relevant websites is one of the most effective ways to expand the reach of your business. The best SEO firms are focused on link building, which means knowing the most effective ways to create a larger network and get more high quality, relevant links pointing back to your website.

Why Are Links Important?

You should think of links that point to your website like votes; the more you have, the more trusted you seem. However, quantity isn’t the only important aspect of links. In order for Google and other search engines to trust your site and see you as a credible resource, you should have a high number of quality links from other relevant sites in your industry or niche. Methods of link building have changed as Google’s algorithm has learned to value certain links differently, and it’s important to make sure that your link building techniques are in line with the qualities that Google now values.

The links pointing to your site should make sense. That is, they should appear to be naturally gained through the great, high quality content that you have published on your site or blog. With good content, links will follow. Some of the best link building practices today and for the future include:

  • Guest blogging – Having real, authentic guests blogging on your website is collaboration at its finest. If the blogger comes with his or her own following, you get all the more exposure plus the benefit of original tone, voice, and content for your site. You can also write a blog for another website, and include a link to your site within it.
  • Infographics – An infographic is often more engaging than plain text, and creating a particularly clever and appealing one is a great way to engage both your current readers and the people searching for information elsewhere.
  • Ego bait – Highlight others on your website or blog, and they may link back or mention your material on their own website or through social media. This can include Top 10 lists, an interview with an influencer in your industry, or a helpful resource list.
  • High-quality content – All of the best linking strategies in the world will not be effective if the information at the end of the link is substandard. Internet browsers are on the hunt for information and interesting articles, which you can provide if you invest in great copy.
  • Link resurrection – Although a more difficult type of content building, this is an effective way to expand your network. Find old, defunct websites, and contact the web provider to automatically link to your content instead of the old site. This is a win for both you and the host.

Getting Started

After Google’s recent Penguin algorithm updates, where Google penalized sites with spammy backlink profiles by demoting them in search results, it is clearer than ever that your link building practices should be as natural as possible. To help expand your outreach with the help of the marketing experts, call Grow Team at 1-800-741-9298 and get started with your content linking and creation strategy. Grow Team can help your business take advantage of the expertise of the best search engine optimization companies for link building.

David Moses and Max Helmer are seasoned executives who can help you grow your business. Please contact us to setup an evaluation with them.

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