Growing A Multiple Location Business Successfully

 We spoke with Kevin Gelfand, Founder of the six location Shake Smart, about how to successfully grow a multiple location business.  Gelfand has always had the entrepreneur mindset; while attending San Diego State University, he began the first student business on campus and went on to start Shake Smart before he graduated.  Additionally, he was…

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Choosing The Best SEO or PPC Company, From An Experienced Owner

Cary Johnson has been building and developing internet marketing companies as well as successful worldwide internet sales teams for the past 16 years.  His first start-up, eVisibility, was featured in San Diego Business Journal as the 50th fastest growing company and the 169th in Inc Magazine.  After successfully selling the business to LSF Interactive, the…

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How To Select The Best SEO Or PPC Company

Good Bad Arrows

Cort Davies has been in the digital marketing industry for about 6 years. Transitioning from real estate, he began his career in the personal development realm of digital marketing by helping an author develop his business through different types of marketing strategies.  He then went on to become vice president of Internet Marketing Inc in…

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