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Once you understand all of AdWords’ possibilities, you will find that AdWords is very a versatile service and you can customize your search ads in many different ways. Using Ad Extensions is a great way to provide essential information about your business to people searching online. Ad Extensions can also lead to higher click-through rates, which in turn will lead to a higher quality score for your ad. In order to make sure that your AdWords ads are complete and capturing the widest audience, make sure to take advantage of the different Ad Extensions that are available.

The Ad Extensions

  • Callouts – Provide up to four callouts per ad, mentioning key selling points or services, like free shipping, quality guarantees, and so forth.
  • Location – If you work primarily from your physical location, people need to be able to find your store quickly, which means listing your address in your ad is essential.
  • Review – Help your customers see what third-party reviewers think of your business with this extension.
  • Sitelink – Provide links to popular areas of your site right in the ad, making navigation more efficient for your visitors.
  • Dynamic sitelink – As an automated extension, dynamic sitelinks allow searchers to see information related to their own, unique search in a customized ad for them.
  • Call button – As more people search from their smartphone, a phone call button is a super-fast way for them to contact you without needing to hunt down your phone number. You can also track how many people are clicking on that call button with the Call Tracking feature.

Professional Help for Superior Results

If you are a business owner or marketing manager and are running your own AdWords campaigns, you should be utilizing the Ad Extensions listed above. Grow Team is here to help you make sure that you are spending your marketing dollars in the most effective and efficient ways, and we can help you find the best SEO and PPC firms to create, run and optimize your online ads. Call us at 1-800-741-9298 for more information on how we can set you up with an online marketing company that is going to help your business grow in the right direction and produce real results.

David Moses and Max Helmer are seasoned executives who can help you grow your business. Please contact us to setup an evaluation with them.

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