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Advertising in any form is a balancing act between the cost of getting your business’s name out in the public eye and how much revenue your advertisements are able to generate. In many cases, the benefits of advertising take years to become apparent, but with pay-per-click (PPC) ads, your company often has direct insight into how much money a single advertising campaign brings in. If you are just starting to pursue PPC ads for the first time or want a more professional take for an existing campaign, consider hiring a PPC agency.

Managing Risks and Getting Results

Knowing when to use a PPC ad and how to set up a bidding profile takes some experience and insight into how the system works.

Pay-per-click ads work like this: whenever someone clicks on your ad, you pay the host website a fee. The most popular PPC platform is Google AdWords, which will show your ads within their search results pages and on their partner sites. The amount you pay for each click is determined by a couple of things including how much you are willing to pay for each keyword you are bidding on, the quality of your ad and how much your competition is paying.

If the clicks you gain turn into sales or additional leads, your PPC ad was a success. If your website generates lots of clicks but does not close on any sales, something needs to change, otherwise you begin losing money despite your advertisement.

Trust an Expert

It is important to realize how much effort and funds should be allotted towards PPC advertising and other online marketing options. Here at Grow Team, we can set you up with the best PPC firm for your business, who understands every aspect of PPC marketing and can help with:

  • Writing engaging and conversion-producing ad copy
  • Choosing keywords
  • Managing PPC bids
  • Rotating ads for maximum effect

Tracking Revenue

One of the most desirable features of PPC advertising is being able to track your revenue as it directly relates to your ads. A PPC marketing professional takes the guesswork out of this process and is able to provide solid advice about making appropriate changes to your ads. By knowing how effective your online marketing strategies are through an ROI analysis, you are able to invest in the methods that work while cutting the fat.

If you are looking for PPC, there are several great companies and we can help you through the process of creating the best strategy.  For the best managed PPC experience, give Grow Team a chance to set you up with the best PPC firm for your business. Call 1-800-741-9298 for more information and get started today.

David Moses and Max Helmer are seasoned executives who can help you grow your business. Please contact us to setup an evaluation with them.


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