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Those e-commerce websites seeking the best in usability, functionality, and SEO must choose a suitable e-commerce platform. The following are just a few of the popular platforms, as well as their most advantageous features when it comes to search engine optimization.

Broadleaf Commerce

If you are looking for a highly customizable option, Broadleaf Commerce may just be for you. This platform offers clients affordable pricing as well as the ability to tailor e-commerce solutions specifically to your business.

Clients can choose from two pricing options. The Community Edition is great for burgeoning businesses anticipating future growth, while the Enterprise Edition is ideal for those companies already experiencing high transaction volume.


Flexibility can be an important consideration when choosing an e-commerce platform. Fortunately, Magento offers its numerous clients a range of features that aren’t always available from other companies.

While other companies may charge exorbitant amounts for customized features, Magento offers a number of free items, including things like themes and plug-ins. This can be ideal for smaller companies with less robust budgets.


Volusion can provide an array of attractive options for your business. In addition to the easy to use practical features, Volusion can also help you attract customers, as well as providing stylish storefront designs.

Pricing plans range from Mini to Premium, each offering an increasing number of features for affordable prices. The Pro option is Volusion’s most popular plan, offering 10 GB of bandwidth and priority support for just $75 a month.

Zeus Cart 

For the less tech-savvy, ease-of-use is crucial in an e-commerce platform. Zeus Cart is great in this event because its concise interface can be used by just about anyone.

Unlike the traditional category-centered shopping experience, Zeus Cart utilizes product attributes to guide customers through your wares. This innovative method can greatly increase sales, while also assisting in customer retention.

Shop Smart With the Right Platform

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