How to Find Great PPC Companies that Provide Tremendous Value



PPC campaigns can be an effective method to drive traffic towards your business. However, if used ineffectively, they can also drain your budget without providing you with much in return. Great PPC companies can be the difference between a valuable campaign and a waste of time and money. Find great pay per click companies using these steps.


How to Find Great PPC Companies that Provide Tremendous Value


Step One: To Maximize Value, Focus on ROI


The best PPC companies (and most CEOs) know that focusing only on budget is unlikely to lead to success. A PPC company that agrees to work within a certain budget without getting to know your business and your goals won’t provide you with the value you need. At best, the results will be mediocre. At worst, you’ll have completely wasted your time and money.


Quality pay per click companies, on the other hand, know that the size of a job depends on the specifics of where you want your company to be. Look for a company that will be upfront with you about what the costs will be. Ask them these Power Questions for clear answers about their attitudes:


  • What will it take to increase my sales online by X% over the next 12 months?


  • Given my size/position related to my competitors, how much do we really need to invest to effectively compete?


  • What is a reasonable expectation of overall ROI for the investment I’m making?


Companies that can answer these questions will help you create a path to your goals that will provide much more value than a company determined to simply work within a budget.


Step Two: Understand Their Definition of Transparency


You need to have access to information about your campaigns. If a PPC company tries to restrict that access, it’s a huge red flag. Watch out for these abuses:


  • Restricting Access to Accounts: If a vendor is running a campaign for you through Google AdWords or another advertising account, it is vital that you have access to that information. You need to be able to monitor the money, as well as gain intelligence from the historical data they provide. If you are being restricted from an account, it’s very likely something is being hidden from you.


  • Poor or Bogus Reporting: Did you know that there are special reporting platforms out there designed to create confusing reports? If your PPC company is providing you with reports that are impossible to understand, they could be masking a lack of performance. Don’t accept anything less than a clear explanation of a campaign’s results.


A solid contract can help to circumvent these issues if you are working with a reputable company. Be specific about how you expect the company to quantify the work they are doing, as well as the level of account access you’ll receive now and in the future.


Step Three: Talk to Your PPC Manager about New Opportunities


PPC is an industry that is constantly growing and changing. The most effective strategies shift rapidly, and companies that provide value shift with them. Initiate direct, open communication with your PPC marketing partner about where your campaign is now and what changes might heighten its effectiveness. Ask these questions:


  • What are you seeing that is working with your other clients? Your account manager likely has a dozen other clients, and works with a team that has even more. Utilize his or her experience with these other clients to improve your own results.


  • What trends do you see emerging in the last couple of months that are relevant to our business? Your account manager has much greater knowledge of PPC trends than you do. Ask about these trends for information that can help your business.


Step Four: Be Willing to Evaluate Whether PPC is the Right Choice


PPC can be an effective marketing method, but it’s not always the right choice. Even the best PPC companies can’t provide you with great value if PPC isn’t the best strategy for your business. As your business evolves, strategies that were once effective may no longer be the top choice. There’s a question that can help you determine if your current track is the best:


Is this activity the highest ROI activity available to me right now?


By asking this question, you’re forced to examine everything available to you and evaluate the potential returns. Be careful, though, when asking this question to a PPC company. They need you to believe that their service is the best for you, and are likely to give you a biased answer. Be willing to ask vendors in other marketing areas about your options to get a more balanced opinion.


Finding PPC companies that provide tremendous value requires a willingness to keep asking questions. Be persistent and flexible to receive the best results.