How to Find the Best SEO Companies for Small Business

How to Find the Best SEO Companies for Small Business


Internet marketing is an effective way to grow your small business. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies in the USA are equipped to handle the specifics of small business marketing. Finding the best SEO companies for small businesses takes some research, but most CEOs agree that the results are worth it. Read on to learn more about why outsourcing SEO is a great choice for small businesses, and the steps to take to find a vendor that is right for you.


Why You Need to Outsource Your SEO Tasks


As the CEO of a small business, you are likely used to taking on a variety of different tasks. When you’re ready to market your business online, it’s easy to assume you’ll take on those challenges as well. We encourage you to reconsider. Internet marketing is a rapidly evolving environment that requires a high level of specialized training to navigate effectively. Specialized software is often necessary to maximize effectiveness, and this software is often prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Outsourcing to a small business SEO company allows you to take advantage of specialists with the knowledge, training, and resources necessary to effectively market your business online.


How to Find the Best SEO Companies for Small Business


Step 1: Talk with Each Company About Your Needs: Your small business is different from every other small business out there, so why would you work with a company that tries to fit you into one of their three pricing tiers? A great SEO company will take the time to understand your business’s needs, and will be upfront with you about the type of investment it will take for you to reach your goals. You can help this process along by being willing to focus more on ROI than budget.


Step 2: Create Clear Communication Expectations: Use your contract as a place to clearly set out your expectations for communication. Determine how often you will communicate with your vendor, as well as who you will be speaking to. If you have any marketing staff on your team, include them in your communications with your vendor. Setting up an expectation of regular communication in the beginning of your relationship creates an environment where accountability and reliability are expected.


Step 3: Watch Out for “Bad Apples”: Unfortunately, there are disreputable companies out there who are willing to take advantage of small businesses. While these bad apples don’t come with warning labels, they do share some traits that you can watch out for:


  • Unrealistic Promises: No SEO company can guarantee you a top spot on Google. Avoid anyone making outlandish promises.


  • Poor Ethics: Great SEO companies focus on alignment. Poor companies use unethical methods to “game” or “trick” search engines.


  • Lack of Transparency: You need to see proof that your vendor is delivering on their promises. If you aren’t seeing proof of deliverables, it’s time to move on.


Step Four: Be Willing to Re-evaluate Your Strategy: As your business grows, your marketing activities may need to change. Always be willing to ask yourself “is this activity the highest ROI activity available to me right now?” If the answer is no, it is time to shift your funds to another area. Keep in mind that your vendor will likely be biased towards the type of activity their firm provides, and if you ask them this question they may not be able to give you an entirely balanced answer.



Finding the best SEO companies for small business requires some knowledge and investigative skills, but by asking the right questions you will find an agency who can help your small business grow.