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Our proven process means every agency in our network is rigorously vetted by us and then carefully matched to your needs. Just how selective are we? Only the top 1% of online marketing agencies make it into our agency partner network.

How We Choose The Best Agencies

Step 1: Source Potential Agency Partners

We identify top performing agencies through research, referrals, professional interactions, and submissions. We consider only agencies that are based in the U.S., have excellent reputations, and have been in business for a minimum of two years.

Step 2: Assess Competency & Expertise

At this phase, agencies have to pass several tough interviews. We test their knowledge and experience to determine if they have the potential to be a top 1% agency and identify which service areas they excel at. Agencies that make it past this step are significantly more sophisticated and/or have specializations that make them unique in the industry.

Step 3: Evaluate Operations

We then evaluate agency operations through interviews, site visits, and in-person conversations. Executive experience, client ratios, communication standards, training, and certifications are all taken into account. It’s critical that an agency has a solid structural and procedural foundation to ensure it can provide excellent service and results for our clients over time.

Step 4: Track Real-Life Performance

In the final evaluation phase, we engage in a joint project with the agency so we can experience working with them from the client side. We also use analytics to benchmark their client site performance against other agencies in our network. Only agencies that pass all of these rigorous evaluation phases are eligible to work with our clients.

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