2 Proven Tips to Spur Business Growth Through Social Media

Gone are the days when most conversations between you and your customers lacked bidirectionality. Today, you and your customers can conveniently interact with each other online, thanks to the internet. Various resources are available, with which you evaluate the quality of interactions to improve relationships with your audience.

You can analyze, measure, and act on any social media event that affects your business. There has been an ascensive trend in the number of social media users in the past few years, and the trend is not likely to stop. That means more users will want to interact with your business on social media. So, how can you thrive on social media and get your business to grow? Read on for two incredible tips.


1. Invest in the Right Platform


Create accounts on social media platforms that best fit your target market. Some available platforms that you can utilize are:




The largest platform with about 2.5 billion monthly users is Facebook. If you want to build relationships and generate leads, Facebook is the way to go. With Facebook groups, you let your audience interact with you and each other. As such, you get genuine customer feedback as well as helpful criticism.




B2C and B2B businesses can create strong business networks on LinkedIn. Use the platform to build authority, create trust, and engage your audience. Unlike many social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional network. The platform is ideal for the growth of email marketing lists, sponsored updates, industry-related education, etc.




Pinterest is an excellent platform for businesses with visual appeal. Here, you share photos for your audience to make discoveries. Close to 80% of the users are women, so you will reach a huge base of potential customers if you offer female-related products. Also, many users look to Pinterest to plan purchases. So, why not use the platform to drive sales?




Many teens and young adults spend a great deal of their time on Instagram. The trend is almost consistent among males and females. You can share videos, photographs, and create interactive visuals for your audience. Instagram is suitable for running businesses related to lifestyle, photography, or eCommerce.




Twitter communicates directly with your audience and is perfect for an audience that needs time-sensitive information. Utilize Twitter to share visuals and create meaningful conversations, more so if you target males aged 30-60.

Other social media platforms include YouTube, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc. With all the available options, what you settle for narrows down to your business goals and audience. Note that you aren’t limited to a single platform. A blend of two, three, or more would do.


2. Understand and Engage With Your Audience


Successful social media engagement starts with understanding your audience. The audience’s needs and preferences determine the content you share and how you create interactions. Important information about your audience include:

  • Age bracket
  • Gender
  • Goals
  • Likes
  • pain points

Your content should be relevant and of top quality regardless of the audience.

You shouldn’t just post and then walk away. Instead, create content that drives engagement and then converse with your audience. That way, you foster relationships and build trust. In addition, meaningful content that engages your audience attracts favor from social media algorithms. You can use several ways to engage your audience, as listed below.

  • Address criticisms and complaints
  • Appreciate your customers
  • Ask and respond to questions
  • Comment on posts
  • Mention followers in your stories and posts
  • Use tactical hashtags




The key to thriving on social media is to learn, be creative, and stay up to date with trends. If you still have questions about social media and digital marketing, Grow Team is here for you. We will establish the best social media strategy to boost your growth.