3 Ways Apparel Companies Can Use Stealth Marketing Online

Apparel companies need to have a lot of visual exposure to showcase their unique designs and products. If you run an apparel company, you can find many traditional ways to showcase your outfits, including traditional models and photo shoots.

When you work with a marketing company, you have the opportunity to engage in stealth marketing strategies. Stealth marketing doesn’t appear as direct as traditional marketing, but can showcase your apparel brand and style. Check out some of the stealth marketing options you have when you team up with a digital marketing agency.

1. Music Videos & Short Films

Online video streaming includes a wide range of short films and music videos from bands and performing artists. To help fund and support these videos, many companies will rely on product placement within the production. When you work with an ad agency, you could have musicians and actors in the videos wear your apparel.

If you have apparel with logos on it, then the brand becomes a permanent part of the videos and can help with a direct impact on sales. Marketing companies can analyze data and compare the number of music video views to the number of click-through options to your website.

Some of the marketing may also include direct links to your website through the description of the video. The branding could expand when memes, GIFs, and short clips of videos get shared online. Your apparel could saturate the market and gain interest from viewers.

2. Social Media Influencers

Social media users with large followings will often showcase paid ads. While a paid ad is an option, you could also work with a marketing team to send samples of your apparel to social media influencers. With the free samples, a person may casually wear your clothes for posts, live feeds, and social media videos.

The exposure can really help launch your brand. The users may also tag your company directly on pictures or videos. The tags can offer a direct connection to your company and help result in sales. A marketing agency will track the success of these methods and see how big the impact has become.

When influencers make your apparel an everyday part of their wardrobe, others will see the clothes and help your brand expand naturally online. Fans of the influencers may seek out the same clothes and do posts of their own in those outfits.

3. Ad Within an Ad

In some cases, the apparel you have could be inserted into another ad. The layered ad can help you team up with other marketing brands and create content that works to promote multiple products. For example, an online ad may include someone sipping a new drink product. The person who has the drink product could wear some of the apparel you sell.

The apparel could help someone come off as hip and modern, even when the focus remains on the other product. The layered ad can help your apparel company thrive and create a unique way to bring new customers into the fold. For example, you could work with a company who has a larger fan base and a lot more followers on social media.

The elevation of your apparel company will get more eyes on the products and could lead to future mash-ups down the line. Find a digital marketing agency that already has companies as clients and can make the partnership flow seamlessly.

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