4 Hottest Trends Your Digital Marketer Should Adopt

The future of business is online, and the numbers confirm the assertion. In 2020, over 256 million people shopped online, and the numbers continue to grow. As more brands discover the immense potential in the digital marketing landscape, competition continues to grow.

To survive in the fast-paced environment, your business has to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. If you’ve outsourced your marketing operations, the agency has to adopt the latest innovations to push your brand.

Find out the latest marketing trends your marketing agency should embrace.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 


Artificial intelligence has to be one of the most significant tech innovations over the last few decades. AI straddles all industries to help automate tasks and boost efficiency. Through advanced computer technology, marketers now have access to tools that can perform tasks that require human intelligence. 

Suave marketers now leverage AI to automate general tasks, including customer support, website monitoring, search engine optimization (SEO), content curation, or ad targeting. Whatever your industry, your digital marketing agency can harness the power of AI to boost your marketing campaigns. 

Your marketer can also use AI tools for product recommendations and customer engagements, as well as to develop customer profiles or forecast demand for products and services. With artificial intelligence, you improve efficiency, cut costs in your campaigns, boost sales through targeted marketing, and build a competitive edge in your niche.


2. Voice Search 


Voice search is one of the most notable technologies over the last two decades. The biggest tech companies have invested a lot in the trend, which highlights the potential in the technology. Voice assistants such as Google’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa use voice search technology. At home and in offices, more people use voice assistants to ease daily tasks.

For a business owner, the technology offers an opportunity to reach a wider market. Your digital marketer can help you develop voice search-optimized content. Smartphone owners use voice to search for products, services, and brands online.

If you haven’t optimized your content for voice search, take action or you’ll lose a big opportunity to grow. Your content expert can help target long-tail keywords, create conservational content, optimize for rich answers, and leverage Google My Business Listing. An audit of your website content can boost your ranking on voice search results and boost your conversion rates.


3. Programmatic Advertising


Every business owner appreciates how tedious media buying can be. In traditional ad buying, you had to negotiate and ask for proposals and quotes, which would take time. Time is an invaluable resource in advertising, and delays can cost you money. 

Programmatic advertising redefines ad purchases through AI technology. The technology automates media buying and helps your business target specific audiences. Data analytics and algorithms refine the targeting process and improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. You can serve ads to the right audience at the most appropriate time.

With traditional ad purchases, you had little say over placement of the media you bought. Today, programmatic real-time bidding allows per-case purchases and better targeting. The smartest digital marketers now use the approach to boost clients’ marketing campaigns.


4. Personalized Marketing 


Data is an invaluable asset in digital marketing. The best digital marketing agencies use the resource to personalize clients’ marketing. If you haven’t personalized your marketing messages, your campaigns might fail. Personalized content enjoys higher conversion rates.

Marketing professionals collect data to gain customer insight, including preferences, interests, and history of purchases. With the insight, the marketing agency can create personalized campaigns that resonate better with customers. Analytic tools can help you serve every customer with unique marketing messages. From the customer insight, you can also deliver unique product and service experiences. 

Your digital marketing agency should help you adopt the best trends to boost your business. If you want an innovative digital marketer, we can help. Our Grow Team can match you with the right marketing partner to unlock your business’ potential. Talk to us today, and let’s link you with a marketing agency that matches your ambition.