4 Types of Business-Boosting Blog Articles

You may already know that blogging offers some powerful opportunities for businesses to grow their reach, deepen customer loyalty, and establish their authority as the leaders in their respective industries. In fact, a blog page on a company website can increase that site’s traffic by up to 434 percent.

Even armed with this knowledge, many business owners hesitate to take full advantage of the power of blogging, often because they simply don’t know where to start, what to write about, and what sort of content works with audiences. If you struggle to create purposeful, entertaining blog content, try the following four types of articles.


1. Evergreen Articles


Some blog articles always seem relevant, year after year. Marketers refer to this kind of content as evergreen content. Evergreen blog articles aim to tackle broad, important issues that will always matter to their target audiences, featuring content that won’t grow obsolete (or will respond readily to minor updates as needed).

Because evergreen articles never lose their relevance and interest, they may continue to pop up in search results and draw new visitors to your website’s blog page for years after you originally posted them. This quality allows you to build your overall web traffic numbers, which, in turn, builds your online authenticity.


2. Topical Articles


Think of topical blog articles as the exact opposite of evergreen articles. This kind of content makes no effort to remain relevant and attract readers for years to come; instead, it responds to immediate issues, concerns, and breaking developments that impact your target market or your industry.

Topical articles obviously won’t continue to generate views like evergreen articles can. However, they can give your blog (and by extension, your website and company) an immediate, sharp spike in incoming traffic as people scour the Web for the latest updates and various points of view on the hot topic in question.

You may find topical grist for your blog’s mill simply by keeping up with local, regional, and national news. Industry events that announce new products and services could also serve as a springboard for reviews, reactions, and discussions.


3. Thought Leadership Articles


While topical blog articles can demonstrate your cutting-edge knowledge and awareness of the latest developments, thought leadership articles can go into greater depth on more complex matters. True to its name, a thought leadership article helps to establish your position as a thought leader in your trade, profession, or industry.

Thought leadership content can wield a powerful influence over peers and customers. Many consider thought leadership content when hiring a company. And, many will try a business’s products and services for the first time based on that business’s thought leadership content.


4. Case Study Articles


When you need to find a solution for a given problem, you probably give serious weight to testimonials, reviews, and recommendations from others who found the answer to the same problem. Case studies work similarly by giving you a chance to show how you solved a particular challenge for a client or customer.

Your blog page makes an excellent repository for case study articles, not least because people experiencing a problem will naturally search the Internet for the solution. In these articles, you briefly describe the client’s problem, your evaluation and strategies for resolving the problem, and the positive results that came from your solution.

Even if you enjoy writing blog articles yourself and have little trouble coming up with topics or ideas, you might want to consider outsourcing this time-consuming task to professionals. Grow Team can help you find the ideal team to manage, not just your blog, but your entire marketing strategy. Contact us today.