4 Types Of Tiktok Ads You Can Use To Market Your Business

Nowadays, businesses use various entertainment platforms for marketing. One of the best platforms you can use to market your business right now is TikTok. This platform has many users, enabling you to create brand awareness. The platform can also increase your business engagement without putting in much effort to gain followers.

TikTok supports various advertising formats, depending on the results you want to achieve. This article highlights four types of TikTok ads you can use to market your business.

1. In-Feed Ads

TikTok in-feed ads are the most basic type of TikTok ads. These ads usually show up automatically as a user scrolls down the platform. In-feed ads can engage users since they are full screen and have a sound-on effect allowing the ads to blend in with the platform’s original content.

However, you need to make your content more fun and engaging to capture your targets audience’s attention even further. Additionally, you need to make your videos a bit short. Typically, a TikTok in-feed video should be about 9-15 seconds. Otherwise, users may not view the entire video.

One of the reasons why businesses like using TikTok in-feed ads is because they can include a call to action button. For instance, you can include a button that directs users to your business website or app download.

2. TopView Ads

TopView ads show at the top of a user’s TikTok feed as soon as they log into their accounts, capturing their attention. Users can also fully concentrate on the video since there are fewer distractions from other adverts. As a result, these ads can increase your brand’s visibility and traffic.

This type of TikTok ad is best for companies that want to repurpose existing commercials. However, if you want seamless ads that feel natural, this is not the best ad type since it can interfere with the user experience. Additionally, the ads are long, making them feel like old-fashioned commercials. Finally, TopView ads are a bit expensive, increasing your business expenditure.

3. Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover ads appear as soon as users open their TikTok app and occupy the full screen, just like TopView ads. The videos direct your target audience to your landing page or a hashtag challenge. After a few seconds, the ads change and become in-feed video ads.

The best thing about this ad is that users have no option but to watch it till the end since the ads are not skippable. Your target audience can only view one Brand Takeover ad in a day, making this advertising option less competitive. This advertising option allows you to display your adverts in various forms, including videos, still pictures, and GIFs.

Brand Takeover ads are suitable for businesses seeking to create a buzz for special company events. Businesses launching a new product can also use this option to generate huge one-time traffic to buy their products.

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

Although views and clicks can help you market your business, you need to look for other ways to engage your target audience. The best thing about using the Branded Hashtag Challenge is that you can make them more fun, enabling you to create more brand awareness.

For instance, you can ask people to create and record fun videos while dancing with your product and post them with a specific hashtag. At the end of the challenge, you can select the best video and award the customers.

Since many people like giveaways, they are likely to participate in the challenge. You can also encourage your customers to share more information about the challenge with their family and friends. This way, your customers will help you market your business.

TikTok can be an amazing platform to market your business. However, you need to use the right adverting methods to increase your business. If you are looking for more information on TikTok advertisement options, contact Grow Team.