4 Ways a Marketing Team Can Help Transform Your Ecommerce Website

A marketing agency in the world of eCommerce does a lot more than just help promote products. Marketing agents will see your website as a storefront that needs the proper time and care to ensure you have the most success in the online world.

When you work with a team who can match you to the proper agency, then you can elevate your online store and help maintain success. Learn some of the ways a marketing team can help transform your website and make the experience better for everyone involved.

1. Shopping Cart Experience

When a customer finds a product they like, the item gets added to a digital shopping cart. The online shopping cart has been around for decades but has gone through several versions and incarnations. The modern cart needs to have easy navigation and quick checkout options. If a guest cannot check out quickly, then you may lose a potential sale.

A marketing team will help ensure your shopping cart experience goes quickly. They may implement guest checkout options or single-item “Buy Now” options that avoid the full cart experience. Quick orders will help boost sales and create extra income.

A marketing team may also work on ways to implement add-on options for your shopping cart. For example, if someone orders a portable electronic, then you may recommend add-on items like disposable batteries. If you sell clothes, then you may recommend a matching pair of shoes or another piece of apparel. The add-ons can help increase the amount earned for each sale.

2. Mobile Website Navigation

Many people enjoy shopping on phone web browsers rather than a traditional computer. A marketing team will make sure your mobile website functions as it should and offers easy navigation for anyone who visits. A mobile website should run smoothly, feature larger text, and still allow a customer to easily checkout.

The mobile website can also help you employ multiple marketing strategies. For example, if customers set up text alerts from your business, then you could send promotional links right through the texts. When a customer clicks on the text, it will bring up your website on their phone through a direct link to the shopping experience.

As your store grows, a marketing team can also help establish a mobile app so customers can shop directly through the app rather than on a mobile browser.

3. Product Promotions, Coupons, & Discounts

Customers always try to avoid straight-up retail prices when shopping online. A marketing team can show some of the more effective ways to handle promotions, coupons, and discounts on the website. Using analytics and studies, a marketing team can help you decide whether free shipping, percentage discounts, or free discounts give you the best options for your products.

With the results, you can run similar promotions in the future and run sales at the proper times. The promotions will encourage customers to come back and a marketing team may recommend that you set up exclusive promotions for loyal customers who frequently shop at your website.

4. Website Errors & Glitches

A clean website needs to provide a seamless shopping experience. A marketing team can point out any errors and flaws that could turn people away from your website. Through a detailed analysis, you will learn which aspects of the website to change and how to make the whole experience easier to navigate.

With a cleaned-up website, you can ensure guests will be engaged and excited about your products when they visit. A marketing team will help showcase some of your most profitable items to try and increase sales along the way.

For more information on marketing your eCommerce website, contact us at Grow Team. We will help match you up with a marketing team who fits your needs and can promote your website to the best possible audience.