4 Ways to Market Your Business Online Outside of Social Media

Social media has become an online destination for many people. While building your brand on social media often becomes an important part of marketing, you can find a wide range of other resources online that can target a lot of potential customers.

When you learn how to maximize your growth in these areas, you can expand outside the world of social media and find marketing strategies that work for your business. Check out some of the unique ways to market online, engage with new customers, and spread your brand to the masses.

1. Brand Team-Ups & Crossovers

Other platforms and online shopping destinations may have a large fan base you can tap into. Work with marketing teams to help build your brand and create crossover promotions that will help your products excel. For example, you could offer a specific online store an exclusive item. Due to the exclusivity, the company may help promote the item and the uniqueness of it.

Not only will the promotion of the item help with sales on their website, but customers may seek out other items from the same brand. The crossover can make a huge difference and help establish unique ways to promote your business. If the crossover is a success, then you could consider future collaborations in the future.

2. Message Boards

Despite photos and videos being popular on social media sites, people still flock to message boards on a wide variety of websites. A marketing team can help you take advantage of message board marketing to promote products, brands, and sales.

For example, you could go on a service like Reddit and create an official subreddit for your brand. Through the hub, you could post pictures, product launches, news, and polls. A community of fans for your company can naturally grow through the subreddit and you can reach consumers directly with answers to questions they may have.

You can find a wide range of other messaging boards that post deals and coupons. Anytime you have sales or new product launches, you can go online and post those deals directly to the message boards.

3. Online Streaming Services

Many online video streaming services rely on ads to play before and during content. You can create ads that viewers cannot skip and will help showcase your products and services. A marketing team will help you select which ad services to join and ways to get the most views out of your ads.

Many online streaming services will showcase live events like sports, pro-wrestling, and concerts. Consider advertisements during the live events or even paid sponsorships of the events. A live sponsorship for an event could include your logo on display for a majority of the event. You may also consider lower-third advertisements and banners as well.

4. Mobile Game Advertising

If users are not browsing social media online, then they could be spending a lot of time playing mobile games. Mobile application games with free content will often include a wide range of advertisements. Some of the ads will appear on billboards within an actual games. Other ads will pop up on the screen between rounds.

In some games and apps, players may watch ads to earn rewards. Either way, you can take advantage of the platforms to advertise to gamers. Work with a marketing team to come up with short and effective video ads that will stream with the game content. You can get a lot of attention from gamers, especially when you advertise on some of the most popular games.

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