5 Expert Video Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand

Many digital shoppers, especially mobile users, like to interact with brands via video content. Videos may be more informative and attractive to customers who lack time to read long blog posts.

Consequently, video content should be at the center of your digital marketing strategy. Keep reading to know how you can leverage video marketing.

1. Embed Videos in Blog Posts

You probably have a blog with informative content to increase website traffic. The blog’s performance will be much better if you include videos within the posts.

When you add videos, you attract a wider audience with diverse preferences. Videos provide an additional way to engage customers and even attract new traffic.

2. Create Impressive Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails can determine whether a person clicks on your video. Since the thumbnail is the first thing most viewers see, you must create a thumbnail that entices potential viewers. The thumbnail may appear in the video snippets on search engine results and on social media feeds.

To create thumbnails that attract more viewership:

  • Use the correct sizing, proportions, and aspect ratio
  • Integrate the thumbnail within the first few seconds of the video
  • Include text to answer specific consumer questions

Ensure that the thumbnails accurately represent the video content. If you use clickbait thumbnails, your video’s bounce rate will increase greatly.

3. Identify Your Target Audience

Your video content should resonate with your target audience. The target audience includes individuals who have the characteristics of your typical customers. These characteristics include income, location, gender, age, and household size.

You may have to conduct extensive research to identify your target audience so you can create videos for them. The research can include qualitative surveys about your services and products.

Other sources of information about your target audience include social media sites. In this case, focus on the social media platforms where your competitors are most active.

Some online tools can also help you segment your audience. For instance, Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics can help you identify customer behavior online.

4. Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform

Video engagement rates vary from one hosting platform to another. The most popular platforms are free hosting sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Dailymotion. Many of these hosting sites have advanced features and a straightforward sign-up process. For example, YouTube is compatible with most content management systems and allows video player customization.

You can also use paid video hosting platforms for your video content marketing. Paid video hosting platforms also support video customization and can integrate with your website’s overall feel and design. Other benefits of paid video hosting platforms include enhanced security and extensive audience analytics.

5. Select the Appropriate Video Type

The success of your video marketing is dependent on your chosen video style. Some video styles you can use include:

  • Tutorial videos. These videos include real people engaged in real-life activities.
  • Welcome videos. These videos introduce your brand and can appear on your website’s home and social media pages.
  • Sales videos. These videos include footage that portrays your products in action.
  • Explainer videos. These videos feature a person explaining the benefits and use of your products.
  • Typography videos. These videos encompass moving text and provide an excellent way to express ideas.

Any of these types of videos may include live action or 2D or 3D animation.

Video marketing has become a favorite of marketers in the past few years. Your company can also reap the benefits of video marketing if you work with Grow Team. We help brands to get the best digital marketing services at affordable prices. Contact us to jumpstart your digital marketing journey.