5 Instances When Long-Tail Keywords Benefit Your Company

As you plan out your SEO campaign, you’ll need to pick the right keywords. As you narrow your options, consider using long-tail keywords. These keywords are often three words or longer and can increase potential page views significantly. When might they benefit your company? Discover five instances of when long-tail keywords are crucial to your marketing plan.

1. You Want to Target a Specific Product

Do you own or manage a retail company or provide products alongside your regular services? You probably know the value of pointing potential customers to the right product page. However, how can you ensure that customers will find what you offer? Long-tail keywords are the key.

Products all vary based on your industry, nature of business, and purpose of the product. Long-tail keywords can exactly define what your product is by incorporating specific details, such as a specific model, color, or size.

For example, if you sell prom dresses, you can tailor keywords based on the skirt length, sleeve length, color, size, or style. Or if you sell HVAC filters, you can sort keywords by dimensions, brand, or types (such as fiberglass, pleated, HEPA, or reusable).

Whatever your product, long-tail keywords often increase your chances of successful purchases.

2. You Want to Target a Specific Audience

When you sell products or provide services, you usually have a specific audience in mind. However, without the right long-tail keywords, your intended audience won’t find your product or service as easily.

With long-tail keywords, you can incorporate elements about an audience. Common audiences you’ll likely target include:

  • People of a specific age group
  • People in a specific location
  • People in specific financial brackets
  • People of a specific gender
  • People interested in a specific topic, product, or service

Instead of trying to target a general audience with generic keywords, tweak your long-tail keywords to capture your target audience’s attention. When your keyword reaches the right audience, you’ll often have better chances of people buying your products, scheduling your services, or discovering more about your company.

3. You Have an Informational Site

Do you want to provide relevant information about your industry, services, or products? Providing the right information is good for websites that are more niche and websites that provide general information. And the best way to help people find your website and its wealth of knowledge is through long-tail keywords.

Depending on the information you want to provide, you could tailor your long-tail keywords with details such as:

  • Specific medical conditions: This is especially important for general medical websites, medical or dental practices, or specific products that help with certain conditions.
  • Specific legal practice areas: Do clients often have questions about a specific crime, personal injury, or legal detail? Then long-tail keywords can help potential clients find what they need.
  • Specific problems: Do you or your industry offer solutions to specific problems? Utilize long-tail keywords to target these issues and provide the answers searchers want to know.
  • Specific services: If you offer a specialized service that people want to research before they schedule an appointment, long-tail keywords can emphasize that service to capture potential prospects.

Long-tail keywords will give your informational website the exposure it needs.

4. You Want to Rank High in the Results

As you consider keywords, you might be tempted to use short ones that lots of other companies target as well. However, the more companies that want to rank for that keyword, the more competition you have. With long-tail keywords, you have a better chance of ranking high in search engine results.

Have you tried for months to rank in search engine results for highly competitive keywords with no sign of improvement? You can often achieve high-ranking results much sooner with long-tail keywords. All you have to do is decide which long-tail keywords best fit your business and your customers.

5. You Want to Spend Less on Your PPC Campaign

If you like to use pay per click (PPC) advertisements rather than organic results, you often won’t have to pay as much if you use long-tail keywords. Instead, you can use your SEO budget to target even more keywords for better and increased exposure for your business.

Why the decrease in cost? Long-tail keywords don’t have as much competition. With less competition, you have a greater chance of having your PPC ad be front and center in the search results. You’ll get greater gain even with a smaller budget.

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