5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Hiring an Internet Marketing Company


The right internet marketing company can work wonders for your business, including boosting your sales and spreading awareness of your brand. When interviewing and hiring internet marketing companies, there are a few key mistakes to avoid, which, if avoided, ensures the internet marketing company you choose has the expertise and skills to manage your campaign successfully.

Here are a few points to consider when hiring internet marketing companies.

  • Verify Prior Work.  This is a mistake many business owners make time and again–you are busy and don’t have the time or patience to verify the work of every internet marketing company on your list. However, by investing time for due diligence, you are saving yourself from a possibly catastrophic hiring decision in the future. So, what do we mean by verifying work? It’s simple. When an internet marketing company sends you a portfolio, check that the work they provided is real and accurate. The top internet marketing companies will provide recent and relevant work they have performed for their clients–facebook advertising, web designs, and content optimizations are a few examples. Visit the client’s sites who are listed on the internet marketing company’s portfolio, and check that the work is done and live.
  • Ensure All Deliverables Are Listed in The Proposal. Top internet marketing companies will provide a list of deliverables that were discussed during your initial sales call in their proposals, detailing everything that is due each month including content and reports. Without a complete list of your deliverables, you are setting yourself up for issues in the future with missed deadlines and aspects of your campaign left incomplete.
  • Interview Internet Marketing Companies. All too often, business owners hear ambitious promises from internet marketing companies and forget one of the most important parts of hiring: interviewing. It’s important to know the services an agency provides, yes, but it is equally important to interview them about their experience, their values as a company, and how they foresee your campaign changing over time.
  • Communicate Clearly. Before hiring an online marketing company, ensure that all communication channels are in place before signing a contract. This provides you and the internet marketing company with clear expectations and guidelines to follow during the life of the campaign.  
  • Emphasize Transparency. Transparency with the deliverables and on reports provides you with a peace of mind and a clear direction for your campaign. You want a complete picture of the status of your campaign, and the top internet marketing companies provide these statistics without reservations.

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