5 Power Questions to Ask Your SEO Optimization Company Today


Have you decided to find a new SEO optimization company? Are you unsure of whether your current agency is providing a return on your investment? Search engine optimization is an important component of most digital marketing programs, and hiring a competent agency to perform these functions is typically the first step you need to take to make a positive impact on the search rankings.

Below, we’ve outlined a few power questions to ask to ensure you are working with a reputable, results-oriented agency to help you build your rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Power Question #1: What is a reasonable expectation of overall ROI for the investment I’m making?

A reputable organization will not be able to give you an exact figure, but they should be able to help you identify key success metrics at the outset of your campaign. This will help you determine whether the company has made enough progress to justify the investment that you’re making in your SEO campaign. While there may be no guarantees in SEO, many agencies have a refined approach that utilizes industry best practices and tried and true strategies that have worked time and time again for their past clients, and these are the types of agencies that typically bring the best results.

Power Question #2: What is your plan to increase revenue for my business? Why?

Be very clear with your agency about your expectations and the goals that you have with your campaign. By asking them how they plan to increase revenue, you will typically be given an action plan and a roadmap to success from a reputable agency. This detailed plan should include strategies, deliverables, milestones, reporting timelines, and accountability every step of the way.

Power Question #3: What trends do you see emerging in the last couple of months that are relevant to our business?

An agency that stays up to date with recent trends is one you’ll want to keep for the long term.  Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and the best SEO agencies know that and stay on the cutting edge of trends in SEO. One reason you want to stick with an SEO agency that is in tune with Google’s updates is because they know how to create campaigns that are going to be successful in the short and the long term.

Power Question #4: If you were in our shoes, what would you be doing that we aren’t yet?

This is a great way to encourage your agency to brainstorm for new ideas that can help you improve your online marketing and your digital presence as a whole. The agency may have found success with new marketing channels and recommend that you look into that form of marketing. To make sure that your company is always on the cutting edge of digital marketing trends, make sure that you are engaging them regularly with questions about activities that may increase revenue or up and coming trends that they’ve noticed that may help take your marketing to the next level.

Power Question #5: What can my team be doing to accelerate your work?

With this question, you can find new ways that you can contribute to your own success on the web. Perhaps the agency will recommend that you engage in more content writing or link development activities, but asking this question shows that you are invested in your campaign’s success and that you are willing to help in any way that you can to get results.

-Grow Team