5 Signs Your Pay Per Click Company Isn’t Performing as Well as They Should Be


Effective PPC is a huge boon for businesses. It’s also a highly specialized area of knowledge, which is why many CEOs choose to bring in pay per click agencies to manage it. You want to know that your marketing dollars are being used effectively, but tracking performance isn’t always straightforward. Look for these five signs that signal when pay per click companies aren’t giving the best performance.

5 Signs Your Pay Per Click Agency Isn’t Performing as Well as They Should Be

Sign #1: They Use Poor or Abusive Methods: Not every PPC agency is a reputable one. Some agencies use outdated, ineffective, or downright abusive tactics to achieve rankings. At best, these practices will keep you from the top. At worst, they’ll force Google to penalize your site.

If an agency is using abusive tactics, it’s unlikely they’ll be upfront about it. Bogus reporting methods, denial of access to accounts, and a lack of transparency are all warning signs that all is not well “behind the curtain.” Engage your agency in an open conversation about whether their end goal is to benefit the user. If the agency brings up words like “gaming,” “tricking,” or “masking,” it’s time to move on.

Sign #2: Their Tactics are Static: PPC is a rapidly evolving field. Your agency’s tactics should evolve just as rapidly. If they don’t, you are missing out on new opportunities and revenue.

Make sure your agency’s tactics are evolving as rapidly as their field requires by opening a dialog with your account manager. Ask about trends he or she is seeing that are relevant to your business, and seek their advice about new tactics that can increase sales. If their answers don’t evolve over time, their strategies are likely just as static.

Sign #3: They Aren’t Getting to Know Your Business: Your business is unique, and your goals and needs are specific to you. If your PPC agency isn’t factoring that into their strategies, your results will not be as impressive.

Again, communication with your account manager is key. A good account manager will create a plan that is tailored to your business’s objectives. He or she will take into account any changes in your goals and will be open to discussion about your needs.

Sign #4: They Aren’t Getting Support from You: Don’t leave your agency on an island. Getting the best results from your pay per click company may require you to use some of your own resources. Talk with your agency to better understand how you and your team can help them accelerate their work. By leveraging their intelligence and your resources, you can improve your chance of success.  

Sharing information is another way to help your pay per click agency do their job. Taking time to share information about sales, conversions, specials, and new product and service data gives your vendor valuable material to work with and helps to breed trust and accountability. All of this translates into better results.

Sign #5. You Aren’t Seeing Results: If your PPC agency is effective, you should be seeing an increase in sales. This increase should be accurately reflected in your agency’s reports. If your agency is showing you documentation that doesn’t reflect your business’s reality, there’s a problem. While no company can truthfully guarantee specific results, effective agencies will lead to increased rankings, sales, or other metrics you choose to follow. If they don’t, they’re just not doing their jobs.


Pay per click companies can be less than effective for a number of reasons. In some cases you can make changes to help them towards success, while in other cases the only response is to move on.

– Grow Team