7 Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram has an advanced algorithm and a collection of helpful tools. Small businesses can use the tools on Instagram to gain new leads and expand market share. If you want to market your business on Instagram, follow the following tips.

1. Tell Your Story

If you want to create a trustworthy and sustainable presence on Instagram, be authentic. Your story should have a human aspect to attract views and clicks.

Instagram stories and detailed captions can provide a window into your business. If you use the captions correctly, you can initiate personal engagements with the audience. Plus, Instagram allows you to make captions of up to 2200 characters, which expert marketers can use to their advantage.

2. Use a Business Profile

Instagram users can either have a personal or business account. If your small business uses a personal account, switch to the business profile immediately. When you use a business profile, your followers can contact you directly from the Instagram page. Also, a business profile establishes brand credibility.

Another advantage of a business profile on Instagram is that you can use ads easily without others’ advertising tools. Business profiles also provide access to analytic tools to enhance decision-making. The metrics help you to track the performance of your Instagram marketing campaigns.

3. Create an Impressive Profile

Your audience will judge your business based on the profile appearance, so create an attractive profile. Focus on an informative but precise bio. Although Instagram limits the length of a bio to 150 characters, you still have to explain your business’s mission. You can even consider a shop button to help buyers do direct shopping.

The bio can also have hashtags, especially those that highlight the business’s products or services. Even a link in the bio can help your marketing efforts.

4. Work With an Influencer

Influencers are Instagram users with a massive following and can influence others. You can ask the influencer to promote your products or services to a bigger audience. Influencers usually charge for their services, but most brands use influencers on Instagram.

5. Vary the Content

Instagram only supports videos and photos, so you may not vary the content very much. Still, you can mix up the posts to provide variety for your followers. For example, post a varying number of videos and photos to keep the page exciting. Another option is to create content for multiple topics as long as the information relates to your industry and business.

When your followers expect information on a variety of issues, they will be more engaged. On the other hand, repetitive content can create boredom and push away followers. Therefore, always be on the lookout for content that can offer fresh insights for your followers.

6. Go Live

If you go live on Instagram, users will have the chance to give their views about your brand. You can go live with an influencer, do a tutorial, or stream an event. Followers can ask real-time questions during the session, and you can provide real-time responses. Eventually, the increased engagement during the live session can make your page visible to a wider range of people.

7. Conduct Targeted Ads

If you don’t have the time to grow your page organically, you might have to invest in targeted Instagram ads. Instagram allows you to customize advertisements based on interests, behavior, location, and demographics. Potential clients will see the advertisements in their feeds or stories. However, targeted ads will only be effective if you have enough data and correct analytics.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Most businesses now use the internet to find new customers. You can either do the marketing yourself or seek help from a digital marketing agency, such as Grow Team. We help businesses of all sizes to advertise products and services online. Contact us to get started with digital marketing.