A Guide to Marketing With Memes

Memes can be a powerful tool in digital marketing because they can help to create awareness and interest in a company or product with minimal costs. However, meme marketing has rules that your company to follow to ensure effective marketing. Implement these rules in your digital marketing strategy to leverage memes effectively.

Stay on Brand

Many marketing organizations have realized the importance of memes in social media marketing. Thus, you can develop a content and digital marketing strategy that uses this social media culture to increase community engagement. However, you should choose your meme format wisely.

The meme you post should closely relate to your brand and signify its relevance to your company. Thus, if you want to use a trending meme format, analyze how you can correlate the meme to the products and services you offer. If you cannot, you better not use the meme format. If you can use the meme, take your time to understand how to incorporate your brand.

Recognize and Target Your Audience

Every company has a target audience. Maybe you want to target the young generation, or maybe you want to connect with older customers. Fortunately, memes have spread widely, and almost anyone who uses an internet-connected device can understand memes.

However, just because a significant part of the population has experienced memes does not mean they can still understand them. Do not create a bland meme that tries to appeal to a larger audience. Recognize your target and create a meme that they can relate to. This way, you can ensure that your meme takes little effort to understand.

Develop Your Meme Library

You should slowly increase the number of memes you can use to have variety. Sticking to one meme format is redundant, and people will wonder if your company has any creativity or initiative to understand and participate in meme culture.

The best way to build your library is to use popular meme formats and deploy them at strategic times. This approach is the easiest and less strenuous way to build your library since most people have already interacted with the meme format.

You can also take the more adventurous route and create your memes from scratch. However, you must rely on the quick comprehension rate of your audience to understand your memes.

Understand the Meme and Its Rules

Every meme has its unofficial and unspoken rules. For example, if you use a comparison meme, you should understand how to arrange the options. Failure to understand these rules will make your company lose face when it posts the content.

Thus, you should hire a digital native content creator to deploy these memes. Social media frequenters will understand the meme rules or look them up online before using them. Have a dedicated digital marketing team to help you navigate meme and social media culture.

Humor the Audience

You should focus on creating a meme that shows off your brand culture. Keep your meme short and use large fonts to make the text readable. Also, do not use the meme to create sales but increase brand awareness. Do not place any subscribe or buy wording and phrases in the meme. You might risk hostile reception from your audience, who will judge you for abusing meme culture to promote your business rather than create engagement.

Ensure Meme Neutrality

Your meme should be as culturally neutral as possible. It should not make fun of, abuse, or incite groups or communities. Also, do not use suggestive and provocative language and images. Do not post if you feel your meme might offend a group.

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