Business Site Basics: The About Us Page

Does your business website have an About Us page? Whether you’re just starting to build your site or are working on an overhaul, this is a crucial page to include so that customers can get to know you and your company better.

Learn how an About Us page works for your site and what to include (or not include), and take a look at a sample page if you need some inspiration.


What an About Us Page Is

Your business’s About Us page should be engaging and honest, even sentimental. Potential customers want to know about you, your team, and your company history. Even in this era of digital life, customers want to feel like they are getting to know a real person before they hire a contractor or visit a doctor.

Think of your About Us page like the lobby or waiting room of your business. Customers should feel welcome and comfortable and they should be able to get to know you. Share your history and your passion for the work you do. An About Us page isn’t the place to be shy — show off your credentials and special skills and highlight your company values.


What an About Us Page Isn’t

A business About Us page is not the place to list all your services or provide detailed examples of your work (that’s what a Services page is for!).

An About Us page also doesn’t need to be a comprehensive history of your company, though you can include a synopsis of this information or even create a dedicated page to share your story — which customers may find interesting, particularly if your company has a unique history.

Your About Us page shouldn’t be lengthy. Keep it simple — you’re busy, and your customers are too.


What to Include

If you’re sitting at your computer and wondering what to include on your About Us page, take a look at this list of things to include and use it as a template:

  • Company history
  • Names and bios of the team members
  • Company values
  • Special skills
  • Credentials and membership organizations

Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into this page — after all, it’s all about you, and your customers want to see it.

Is yours a multi-generational family business? Tell your audience about how you got started and about how the business got to where it is today.

Does your company have a familiar slogan or silly catchphrase? Use it in the copy on your About Us page to solidify your brand and company persona.

The About Us page is also a great place to include real photos of your employees. Many businesses rely on stock imagery for headings or sliders, but photos of your employees, your location, or even your office mascot can help bring your company to life even in the digital world of your website.

When optimizing your site for SEO, your About Us page should also include the SEO essentials such as a targeted keyword and location that appear throughout the copy and in the page title or heading.


What to Avoid

Customers have specific expectations when they visit a business’s About Us page, and if your site doesn’t fulfill those expectations, customers are likely to look elsewhere.

As mentioned above, an About Us page shouldn’t be a description of your company’s services or a comprehensive history. Either of these topics can and should be addressed on its own webpage.

Also, an About Us page shouldn’t be a rearranged version of your site’s home page. If you find that your home page already contains a lot of the information you would put on an About Us page, consider revising the home page to address your business more generally. Then you can move things like company history and values to the About Us page and keep the home page focused on essentials like a basic list of services and your contact information.


A Sample Page

If you’re still wondering how to create an About Us page for your business, take a look at this sample for some inspiration.

You treat your dog like a member of the family, and you should work with a dog groomer who will do the same. At Joe Schmo’s Dog Grooming, we’ll take care of your furry friend with the same care and attention we would give to our own pets.

How We Got Our Start

Joe Schmo started this grooming business after raising a Goldendoodle puppy and learning about this breed’s unique grooming needs. Joe’s dog, Fido, is now the proud Guest Liaison at Joe Schmo’s Dog Grooming and greets every new guest with a cheerful smile and wagging tail.

How We Care for Our Guests

All of the groomers here at Joe Schmo’s are animal lovers too, and we do all we can to ensure that your dog feels comfortable with us. If your dog has any special needs for their grooming routine, please let us know. We can accommodate even the most skittish dog and ensure that they get the grooming they need to keep their coat and skin healthy.

All of our team members are certified through the American Kennel Club, and we use only the highest-quality clippers, baths, and shampoos to ensure that your dog is comfortable throughout the grooming session.


Next Steps

Hopefully, this post has shed some light on how to create an engaging and honest About Us page for your site.

For more tips on improving your website and your online business, take a look at how Grow Team can help.