FAQs About Digital Marketing and Home Goods Small Business Growth

How can you increase your home furnishings business sales? You’re a style expert who now sells everything from furniture to photo frames online. If you recently transitioned from a completely brick-and-mortar business to Internet-only e-commerce or a hybrid store/site model, take a look at what you need to know about digital marketing and your sales goals.

Why Should a Home Goods Retailer Use Digital Marketing?

Whether your business is 100 percent online or you still have an in-person storefront, digital marketing can help you to expand your customer base and potentially increase your overall revenue.

Customers need to see the products you sell. Online visual tools (such as photos and videos) give your future clientele the ability to do so — without having to leave their homes. This allows customers to compare products and look for items that fit their existing or future home decor plans.

While a website can provide information about products and photos, digital marketing goes beyond site design. This type of marketing is often a multi-pronged approach that spans several online platforms. Along with your business site, a digital marketer can help you to grow your customer base and sell home goods products through email marketing, social media, and more.

How Can a Home Goods Retailer Use Social Media?

Again, photos are crucial for your brand. Unlike other types of businesses, yours relies on the sense of sight. Your customers need to see the products before they can create home decor plans or add the designs to existing interiors. Social media provides the perfect platform to showcase the goods you sell.

A well-managed Instagram feed creates the perfect online environment to draw your future customers in. Instead of solo product pictures, you can create full-room looks that help home furnishing shoppers to better understand how individual pieces of furniture, art, or other room accents fit into a complete design. This gives the customer ideas to expand upon and may help you to sell more items.

Along with photos, you can use social media to create an informed community of home design shoppers that can easily interact with experts. Your in-house staff members can answer questions, post their own insights, and contribute to discussions on your company’s Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages.

Can You Use Videos to Market Your Home Goods?

Static photos aren’t the only way to display your home goods products. Videos can show your customers a 360-degree perspective of different rooms or help you to demonstrate ways to use your products in their design plans. You can post room displays, product displays, design how-to’s, and even staff or business introductions on YouTube, on your website, or in email advertisements.

Who Can Help You to Grow Your Design Business With Digital Marketing?

You’re an expert in home decor and fine furnishings. But you have no formal training or experience in digital marketing. If you aren’t an expert in SEO, social media, and other aspects of the digital world, outsource this type of advertising and customer contact to a professional.

A digital marketing firm can help you to learn more about your online customer base, design your website, maintain your online presence, create videos, embed videos/images, and help you to use social media platforms.

Before you hire a digital marketer, make sure the firm or contractor has experience in the home goods or home design sector. You need a professional who has knowledge of your industry and can take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to explore the benefits of digital marketing for your home goods business? Contact Grow Team for more information.