4 Functions of the H2 Tag

Many people know about title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags. But did you know that H tags go beyond the H1 tag? H tags, or header tags, can go from H1 to H6. While H1 is the most important, another important one is the H2 tag. Discover four functions this specific H tag can provide and the importance of each function.


1. Incorporate Additional Keywords


If you include SEO in your content, then keywords are the heart of your meta information. While you might reserve the most targeted or important keyword for your H1 tag, an H2 tag is a good place to place relevant but not as crucial keywords. That way, these extra keywords you want to target can still get exposure and help you rank in search engine results.

Using an H2 for other keywords allows you to determine what keywords are most important to you. Since the H1 is what you want to emphasize the most, this is an opportunity to determine the SEO value of each keyword. An H2 still allows for more keywords on a page that simply are not as necessary.

For example, for a dental services page, the H1 could be something general like Dental Services, whereas H2s could be specific services like Teeth Whitening, Dental Exams, or Dental Crowns. You can still highlight popular service keywords without emphasizing one service over the other.


2. Emphasize Unique Selling Propositions


Do you want to let customers or clients know about specific aspects of your company? Unique selling propositions, or USPs, are benefits that your company offers that can sway potential users to use your services or products.

However, instead of just incorporating these throughout the copy text where readers may miss or overlook them, emphasize these benefits in H2 tags. That way, the unique things your company does best are easy to find, which, in turn, can help readers quickly know what you offer and determine if your company is the right fit for their needs.

And while you should only have one H1, you can have more than one H2. That way, you can use more than one USP throughout the content. Simply make sure that each USP makes sense for the content it is in and to not use too many USPs. That way, the USPs you do use can be more visible, effective, and special.

Popular USPs to include might include product or service warranties, health benefits of a product, promotions or deals, or scheduling that differs from other companies. All of these can lead to prospective leads and eventual sales, which, in turn, can help your company’s bottom line.


3. Detail Other Targeted Locations


SEO is not just about service or product keywords. Often, location is just as crucial. However, when you have multiple locations you want to target, how can you best incorporate them all? An H2 can serve as a helpful place to put additional locations you want to focus on or let people know you serve.

An H1 is ideal for either the key city or place where you are physically located, but an H2 can target other surrounding communities, other service areas, or other physical addresses your business has. Just remember to not overload the number of locations in an H2, as this can be overwhelming and less effective for readers.


4. Organize and Shape Content


Besides its uses as an SEO tool, an H2 tag can help the copy itself. An H2, in its position as a secondary tag, serves as a way to organize content, guide readers, and establish a hierarchy of where everything in the content goes.

The big and often bold H1 is usually at the top of the page, while H2s can be sprinkled throughout. These additional headings allow the content to breathe and provide readers with a notion of what to expect. The size of the H2 should indicate its high importance but also its lesser significance compared to the H1 tag.

Additionally, the H2 tag can vary in its usage based on the content it is in. For example, in a blog, the H1 tag usually serves as the blog post’s title, while any H2s could be main headings, such as with a blog list with numbers. A H2 for web copy serves multiple purposes, including as subheadings for the H1 tag and main headings for the copy — as well as the SEO purposes already mentioned.


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