How do I Decide What to Outsource and What to do Internally?



As a business owner I prefer to keep all of the core functions of the business in-house.  When it come to marketing, I believe that in most cases, the voice and personality of the company are core to the business.  Having a full-time person that you can monitor, educate and keep up to date on products and culture is critical.  In terms of functions, this translates into three main areas:

  • Blog Content 
  • Social Media Content
  • Website Content

In my opinion it is important to keep these things internal in most cases because they require knowledge of the business. This contradicts a lot of the advice you’ll get from agencies, whose most profitable services are content-oriented.  

There are two main areas where it does make sense to outsource in most cases:

  • When you need technology or software that you can’t get on your own
  • When you need experience that is too costly to bring in-house

At Grow Team we help our clients connect with agency resources that bring technology and experience to the table that can augment your internal staff’s efforts and drive higher ROI across your campaigns.  

If you would like us to review your business and see what opportunities you may have for intelligent outsourcing, please {{cta(‘249ebb3b-4019-4b56-95f8-d224bdc2fa62’)}}.