How Does Grow Team Find and Hire the Best Online Marketing Agencies?



In order to find the top marketing agencies in the country we had to go through a lot of them. Less then 1% of all the agencies we vet make it into our network. The vetting process itself is a big undertaking, and we’ve written books to help business owners that are determined to manage that process themselves.  You can find our e-book on this subject here.

Tips on Vetting Online Marketing Agencies. 

If you are searching for an online marketing company on your own, be prepared to commit the time needed to properly vet the agency’s processes and management.  Understanding their client ratios, training, certifications and areas of focus will help you better determine if there’s a good fit with your own needs.  You’ll also want to understand their communication process and the specific terms of their contracts and how they will apply to you.  

Why Hire Grow Team?

There are two critical aspects of the process that Grow Team adds value to.  First, finding the right agency partner, and second, managing their work once they are under contract.  Because we have vetted thousands of agencies we have a much broader base of options to choose from and can help you find vendors that are specifically suited to the needs of your campaign.  Finding the top 1% best performing agencies can be a difficult and time-consuming task on your own.  Once a contract is in place, we help our clients by doing the following every month:

  • Verifying the work that’s being done on the site
  • Monitoring performance analytics
  • Comparing your performance results with hundreds of other campaigns to make sure you’re spending your money in the right places over time

Contract Terms 

As part of our process we also negotiate the contract terms with the vendor on behalf of our clients.  Because we have such a large network we are able to negotiate discounts on services and know what should be in the contract and what shouldn’t.  Having an experienced negotiator working on your side can make a big difference in the long term cost of your campaign management.  

We hope you found these tips helpful.  If you would like to talk to us about your business{{cta(‘249ebb3b-4019-4b56-95f8-d224bdc2fa62’)}}