How to Motivate Both Remote and In-Office Employees

With the growth of technology, your company may have more and more remote workers. However, employees working in the office will always be a common sight as well. So how can you keep both remote and in-office employees motivated, connected, and happy? Many strategies apply to both types of employees, but certain tips can help one or the other.

As we start 2021, take a look at some of the best ways to motivate your employees.

Strategies for Both Types of Employees

Your business needs a few things to foster a satisfying, productive, and comfortable environment for your employees, no matter where they work from.

Recognize Great Work

One of the best ways to make an employee feel good is to compliment a job well done. Remote employees and workers in your office both work hard to do their jobs, and if you recognize their hard work and accomplishments, whether with a tangible reward or sincere words, you’ll forge a relationship with them. This keeps them engaged and happy.

Set Both Stretch Goals and Manageable Goals

This year, set some goals for your teams and employees that seem just barely out of reach at first. Push everyone to be successful and encourage them to try their hardest to reach the goals. This helps everyone feel motivated to do their best.

However, you don’t want to make anyone feel like the goals are out of reach. Help your employees set smaller goals and break down big goals into chunks. Help your employees reach these goals so that they feel accomplished and successful while they strive to hit the stretch goals as well. 

Make sure all of your goals are clear and involve everyone.

Focus on the Why of Your Work

Employees need to know the purpose of their actions, so help your employees understand the why of what they do. Take the time to explain exactly why their work contributes to the company as a whole. When everyone knows that what they’re doing is valued, they’ll strive to reach the highest levels of productivity and quality.


Strategies for Remote Workers

Although many people will return to in-person work after the pandemic, a large amount of employees still wish to work from home, whether temporarily or permanently. You shouldn’t forget about these people; you need to help them stay motivated and happy while at home.

Create a Digital Culture

Keep your remote workers connected with a platform for communication between people and teams, including employees, managers, and even executives. Let the employees who work from home feel listened to and included in all of your company’s communication and announcements.

Once you have a platform for communication, use it to talk about your goals, competitions, and recognition opportunities to all of your employees, especially those at home. You can try remote team-building activities as well to strengthen your culture.

Get to Know Them

Remote workers may feel like they’re less important, but that won’t be true if you take the time to get to know them personally. Learn about what they like and dislike, what their thoughts are about their job and the company, and if they have any suggestions about working from home. Be open to suggestions and make them feel valued.

If your remote employees feel like individuals instead of nameless cogs in the machine of your business, they will work hard and do their best.

Offer Frequent Feedback

Similarly, you should always make sure that your remote employees get enough feedback to do their jobs effectively. You can’t simply call them into your office or visit them at their desk; instead, you need to find ways to give them open and honest feedback in an intimate setting, whether through a video call or an occasional in-person meeting.

Employees may feel confused or overwhelmed working from home, isolated from other employees and managers. Take the time to answer any questions and carefully give constructive feedback.


Strategies for In-Office Workers

Whether you have some remote workers mixed in with your in-person employees or you have all of your workers back at the office, now is a great time to make sure everyone is satisfied with their working conditions.

Prioritize a Good Work/Life Balance

Coming into the office can feel like a chore sometimes. Find ways to help your employees avoid burnout or feeling overwhelmed. Give them enough time off to recharge. Make sure they have a break room at the office to eat, relax, and socialize. Provide games, snacks, or other entertainment for them to take advantage of. Your office should be an environment that employees enjoy spending time in.

Additionally, make sure to give everyone at the office enough breaks. Personal breaks and breaks with their teams allow workers to unwind, build friendships, and keep a high level of productivity during work time.

Allow Flexibility at Work

Each company has different goals and different needs, but you should give your employees some flexibility at the office. Maybe you can allow them some freedom on when they clock in or out. Maybe they have flexibility regarding when they get certain tasks or projects done. Assess your company’s needs and let your workers work at their own pace where possible. This takes pressure off them and helps them enjoy their time at the office.

Every employee should feel valued and appreciated. As a business owner, you can take advantage of these tips to keep everyone motivated, no matter where they work. Contact Grow Team to find companies to help you help your employees.