Is it More Expensive to Hire an Online Marketing Company Through Grow Team?




People often ask us if it is more expensive to hire an online marketing company through us versus going direct to the agency. The answer is no.  When my partner and I started this business we wanted to have a very simple model that would make it easy for business owner’s to engage with us, get our advice and not be charged for it. As a buyers agency business model, our clients pay no direct fees for our services and in most cases they pay less for the agency services as well.   

How our model works

If an agency makes it through our vetting process and they are a top 1 % agency then they are inducted into our national partner group. Once they are a part of our national partner group we negotiate a discount schedule with them. A portion of that negotiated discount goes to Grow Team as a fee and the rest flows to our clients as an additional cost savings. The reason so many companies buy services through us is because they pay less and get our help at no cost. Our services include assessing opportunities for their business, making agency recommendations, and managing the contracts over time for compliance and performance.  

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