Looking to Grow Your Small Business? Digital Marketing, SEO, and Daycare

What type of digital content can help you to market your daycare or private preschool? Are you in the early childhood business and need a way to reach parents who are potential customers? Has your existing efforts only included printed paper brochures and flyers? Take a look at what you need to know about digital marketing, your brand, and the online options that can help to grow your small business.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Before you branch off into the digital world, you may need to know more about this type of marketing. Whether you’re a brand-new small business owner or you’ve owned a daycare center for decades, digital marketing can help to increase your customer base and attract new families to your school. These web-based strategies include (but aren’t necessarily limited to):

  • Your website. Do you have a website? If so, what type of content does it provide? If you don’t have a site or you can’t answer this question, the time is right for a new online presence. Digital marketing includes basic web-based content. This content provides customers with information about your services and descriptions of what you offer.
  • A blog. A basic website that introduces your school and its services is a start. But digital marketing doesn’t end there. A blog attached to your site can bring in customers who search keywords such as daycare or preschools in my area and help to keep existing clients informed.
  • Social media. Like a blog, social media can attract new customers and provide information for the existing ones. Digital marketing includes a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and a mix of photo, video, and text posts.

Along with actual online products such as a website or blog, digital marketing also includes the way you use the Internet to attract or connect with customers. Search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) is a prime example of a digital marketing strategy that can help customers to find your private preschool online.

How Can SEO Help a Daycare Business?

What are your potential customers searching the Internet for? Decades ago, a parent might flip through the yellow pages looking for daycares or child care centers. Now they often look up words such as daycare and preschool or phrases such as local early childhood centers and pre-ks in my town online.

To maximize your searchability and direct customers to your site or blog, you need a digital marketing strategy such as SEO. This can help you to rank higher on search engine results pages, giving you an edge over other local daycares or similar businesses. The more visible you are online, the more likely a parent will call you before reaching out to other child care centers.

How Can You Increase Your Search Engine Ranking?

If you’re new to SEO and web-based marketing, you need professional help. While a tutorial can provide you with the basics, SEO for daycare centers requires knowledge of search engine tools, marketing strategies, and the constantly changing algorithms Google and other search engines use.

A digital marketing specialist who has a proven track record of helping small businesses to improve their search engine ranking and has knowledge of the child care or private school industry can help you to reach a new audience. Along with choosing keywords (searchable terms that rank high on search engine pages), this type of professional can also help you to maximize your site’s digital content, build a blog, and maintain a social media presence.

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