Managing Partner Relationships: Maintaining Accountability and Reliability with Your Pay Per Click Agency


Even the best pay per click agency needs to be managed. It is up to you to find a way to integrate your internal resources and your contractors. Doing so will improve your vendor’s reliability, keep them accountable, and bring your company closer to success. Here’s the how and the why behind managing your relationship with your pay per click management company.

A Team Mentality Breeds Accountability

Managing your pay per click company begins with integrating them into your existing team. By treating your account manager like a member of your staff, you will get them invested in the outcomes you want to achieve. Build communication cycles that involve your account manager in your training calls: this will help them commit to doing something with your entire team, creating a collaborative mentality. People work harder when they feel accountable to people they like, which makes an account manager who is a part of your team much more reliable than a manager working alone.

Communication: The Key to Accountability

Regular communication is the key to accountability. We suggest establishing two communication loops with your pay per click agency:

  • Impromptu communication directly between your staff and your account manager. These two groups should communicate when changes are made to the website, new products and services are launched, and when special events take place.
  • Regular, scheduled calls between you, your vendor, and your marketing staff. Use this time to go over reports and to discuss any activities that are on the horizon. Encourage your staff to ask questions during these calls.

Not all pay per click companies have the same expectations when it comes to communication. Therefore, we encourage CEOs to include this area in their contract. Detail who you expect to communicate with, as well as how often. This period is also a great time to ask about what types of information the vendor needs to make each call most productive.

Make Connections at the Top

An annual conversation with your pay per click company’s CEO is a highly effective way to encourage reliability and accountability from your vendor. During your conversation, let the CEO know more about your experience with his or her team, and discuss your future goals. Ask the CEO for their thoughts about any trends that might affects you. Not only is this a great way to gain valuable information, it will also trigger the CEO to review your campaigns and get a status update from his team. Everyone working on your campaign will be aware that you are communicating with their boss, helping to foster a sense of accountability.


Managing your partner relationships to grow accountability and reliability requires consistent and constructive communication at all levels. Encourage communication between your team and your vendor’s and foster a team mentality to naturally create an environment where reliability is expected.

– Grow Team