Which Type of Marketing Agency Fits My E-Commerce Business?

E-commerce is the future of modern business and the numbers prove it. By 2025, analysts expect e-commerce revenue in the country to reach $1.3 trillion. For your e-commerce business, now is the moment to reposition your business for expansion. A digital marketing agency is one of the most effective strategies for online growth. The marketer brings invaluable expertise, objectivity, and freshness to your marketing campaigns so your team has more time to focus on the core business. 

But how do you choose the right marketing firm to suit your unique business growth needs? Read on to discover different marketing agencies to unlock your company’s growth.


1. Online Reputation Agencies 


Many online companies don’t appreciate the value of online reputation until something goes wrong. If a negative article about your brand goes viral, for instance, your online business can suffer debilitating consequences. From devastating financial losses to loss of customers, poor online reputation can bring down your business. An online reputation agency can protect your business through specialized strategies. 

Such an agency regularly monitors your brand mentions to detect any negative stories. The professionals look out for malicious online attacks by competitors, customer feedback, awkward comments by founders/management, and other content that can hurt the company’s reputation. During a crisis, the online reputation manager takes over your brand’s digital life and controls the conversation. 

Online reputation agencies use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics such as content creation to protect your online business. The idea is to push down negative information down the search engine results with positive content. The professionals use white-hat SEO techniques to push your site up the organic search ranking.


2. Specialized Agencies 


Some marketing firms specialize in one marketing channel. For example, an agency can offer content solutions, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), or other solutions. You can also partner with a digital video marketer, email marketing company, or a social media marketing specialist.

The marketing agency can help at different stages of your company’s life. If you have a startup online business, a content marketer or SEO specialist professional can help to create brand visibility. As the business grows, you can scale your marketing to meet emerging needs. 

Specialist digital marketing professionals fill a gap in your business and help you achieve a short-term or long-term goal. The specialists understand the latest trends in their area of focus. If your team has a skill gap, say in PPC campaigns, you can hire a specialist agency to ensure continued growth. Your employees can also learn invaluable skills during the duration of the collaboration.


3. Full-Service Agencies 


The digital marketing landscape is highly competitive. To survive, you need creative skills to market your e-commerce website. A full-service digital marketing company takes care of all your online marketing needs. The marketer can help increase brand visibility, boost traffic to your e-commerce site, or increase sales. A full-service digital marketer customizes services to suit your e-commerce site. 

To achieve clients’ marketing goals, leverages multiple techniques. The team brings in experts in different aspects of marketing to help you achieve your growth needs. Some services offered by these agencies include SEO, email marketing, PPC campaigns, content marketing, social media marketing/advertising, video marketing and web design/redesign. 

Working with a full-service digital company offers unique benefits to your e-commerce business. The firm delivers consistent campaigns through a highly trained in-house team. Everything happens under one roof, which saves time and money. You enjoy effective, seamless, and productive communication and collaboration when you work with a full-service marketing company. 

So which kind of digital marketing company do you need for your digital business right now? Whatever your needs, Grow Team can connect you with the right digital marketing agency. Talk to us today and find an agency tailored to meet your business needs.