6 Ways to Use Images to Boost Your Advertising Strategies

As you work to grow your business, effective advertising strategies can help you stand out amongst the competition. Specifically, when customers visit your website, social media accounts, or brick-and-mortar storefronts, the images and designs you use can make a huge difference in their first impressions. 

An effective and exciting way to boost your advertising strategies is to use captivating images. Customers can quickly tell the difference between a poorly chosen stock photo and one that looks sleek, cool, and perfectly matches your brand identity. Read on below to learn six ways that captivating images can boost your advertising strategies.


1. Save on Words

As you begin to build your brand and create advertising strategies, it can be difficult to write concise and captivating copy for your advertisements. Even the most skilled writers can struggle with finding the right words that your customers need to hear.

But when you carefully select a professional-looking image, you can avoid messy copy and create a clean design for your advertisement. When paired with concise copy, an image can do the heavy lifting of showing what your brand is all about. 

For example, if you try to promote a restaurant or food business, paragraphs of copy describing the food in detail can quickly cause readers to lose interest. But a mouth-watering image can quickly capture the eye of your customers, and create a visual feast. 

With a well-chosen image, you can create clever captions and implement design layouts that will keep your customers interested.


2. Visually Tell Your Story

Similar to saving content space with an image, a well-chosen image can perfectly tell the story of your company. A professional headshot, or larger image that shows your team, can give your customers a personal connection to your services, and put a face to the name of your company.

Additionally, you can choose to include “behind the scenes” type images in your advertisements to show that your company is more than just a business. It can show that it’s a community of individuals committed to the needs of your customers, each with their own unique personality and contribution.


3. Establish Your Brand Identity

One of the most important benefits you receive when you choose a captivating image for your advertising strategies is establishing your brand identity. 

When you choose images that represent the services, goals, and values of your company, you can begin to create an aesthetically pleasing layout of images on all of your advertisements. Your customers can then become accustomed to the types of images you use, and even recognize your brand when you use a variety of different advertising methods.

In addition to establishing your brand identity, you can also support important social causes with powerful images that will show your brand identity is not only focused on making money but on making a difference in the world as well.


4. Build Credibility

When customers interact with your advertising strategies, you want to make sure that the quality of the images they see reflects the quality of your business. Low resolution and stock photos can seem unprofessional and inauthentic.

But when you choose professional, high-resolution images, you can create advertisements that look personal and professional. When you have a brand that exudes credibility, you can attract small and large clients to follow your business and interact with your advertisements.


5. Use Your Assets

If you decide to hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your business and services, these photos are legally yours to use however you see fit. Although it can be expensive to hire a professional photographer for a few photoshoots, you can use these beautiful images for any number of advertisements and social media posts.

A professional photographer, like a carefully chosen image, can connect with your brand identity and provide you with a visual story that your customers will remember. And with a few photoshoots, you can have a large library of images that showcase your brand in unique ways that you can then use to boost your advertising strategies.


6. Boost Your Social Media Presence

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it is extremely important to have a strong social media presence if you own a business. When you carefully plan your social media posts with captivating images, you create a visually appealing timeline of posts that will capture the eye of your customers. For example, you can create a color layout for different months of the year such as orange in October, and red or green during December.

You can additionally implement social media campaigns and contests that request user-submitted photos that you can then use to give your social media accounts a personal touch. Your social media posts can set the tone for your brand identity, and viral posts can increase the number of followers and brand awareness. 

For reasons such as these, it is clear that the images you choose to implement into your advertising strategies can make a huge difference in customer acquisition and retention. You can create advertisements that both draw in customers and tell your company’s unique story.

Captivating images can show that you are more than just a business and that you care about the needs of your customers. For more tips like these and other effective marketing strategies that will help your business grow, contact Grow Team and request a business evaluation today.