What is Grow Team?





Who we are and what we do

Grow Team is a national quality assurance and contracting agency. We started in 2011 and we service over 400 clients today. We do two things; vet online marketing agencies and manage our clients contracts with the vendors that are in our network. A third of our staff is dedicated to vetting and evaluating online marketing agencies and to date we have vetted over 3,000 agencies. We are the only group in the country that does this and only 1% of the agencies we vet actually make it into our national partner network.

How do we get paid?

Once an agency is accepted into our network, we negotiate a discount schedule with them. A portion of that discount goes to Grow Team as a fee and the rest is passed on to our clients as an additional cost savings. In most cases our clients pay much less for services by going through us than they would if they went directly to the agency. 

Contract Management

Once a contract is in place we verify that the agency deliverables are met every month, as well as monitor the overall campaign performance. Because of our broad network we are always looking for new and innovative programs that we think will benefit our clients.  

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