What kind of Guarantee Should I Get From my Online Marketing Company?



We have a lot of business owners ask us about what kind of guarantees they should expect from their online marketing company. We understand this question because being business owners ourselves we want guarantees for the investments we are making as well. In the online marketing industry there are a couple of challenges that make guarantees difficult. Most people will see this as a lack of confidence but this is not really the case. At Grow Team we have vetted over 3,000 agencies so we understand there are companies out there who “guarantee” results as well as companies who “guarantee first page rankings”. 

Good online marketing agencies do not guarantee results.

The fundamental reason why good agencies do not guarantee results is because they don’t control the platforms. Unlike a lot of other markets there are only a few major players in the online space that control the vast majority of traffic and leads including: 

  • Google 
  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • Facebook

Because of their dominance, and the fact that they make frequest changes to their platforms and ad programs, it’s impossible for an agency to guarantee the outcome of a given campaign.  

What good online marketing agencies do guarantee:

Although good agencies may not guarantee results or immediate first page rankings, there are a few things they should guarantee. A good online marketing agency will say “we guarantee our process”, “we guarantee our work” and “we guarantee that we will stay within the best practice guidelines”. These are the things that are reasonable to ask for from an agency. A good agency will guarantee that they are not going to do anything “black hat”, they will guarantee that they are doing the work that you are paying for and they should guarantee that they are applying their knowledge of the industry and best practices to your campaign. 

Any online marketing company that guarantees the outcome or immediate results is either not being honest with you or they are scamming you. Unfortunately we see this happen often and many of the clients we work with today have come from agencies like this prior to connecting with us. 

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