Four Mistakes To Avoid In Digital Marketing

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The online business landscape continues to grow, and your e-commerce business can ride this wave and thrive. In 2020, over 2 billion people shopped online and pushed global e-retail sales above $4.2 trillion. With the right marketing plan, your team can leverage the numbers to boost your brand. A properly designed marketing plan helps to…

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How to Use Meta Descriptions to Drive Click-Through Rate

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The meta description is the snippet of text that Google shows to Internet users so they can see what your page is about. A page’s meta description is not a factor in page ranking itself as of September of 2009, but it can influence click-through rate, which is a huge ranking factor. Learn what to…

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How You Can Make Your Marketing Efforts More Inclusive and Effective

Diverse team putting hands together

Marketing and advertising efforts are most effective when they create a connection with the target audience. A target audience, however, is often made up of many different individuals with experiences and backgrounds that are different from your own. In order to connect with a diverse audience, businesses need to employ inclusive marketing strategies. Learn what…

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What Online Marketing Tools Does My Business Need?

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There are so many marketing tools out there that it can be overwhelming when trying to find which ones will be right for your business and its needs. Here at Grow Team, we’ve used a decent amount ourselves and have had both good and bad experiences. With this list, we outline some of the digital…

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