What Is User-Generated Content? And Why Is It Important?

User-generated content has become increasingly important for brands, as consumers are now more likely to seek recommendations from their peers before making a purchase. A large percentage of people say that UGC greatly impacts their purchasing decisions. Additionally, UGC can help to build brand awareness and affinity, improve search engine rankings, and boost website traffic.…

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What Is ROI Digital Marketing, and Why Does It Matter?

In this digital age, marketing is more important than ever. With so many ways to reach potential customers, businesses must find the most effective way to allocate resources. One key metric for measuring the success of a digital marketing campaign is by investigating its return on investment (ROI). In a nutshell, ROI measures how effective…

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5 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic for Free

Creating a website is only the first step in getting your business online. Getting people to visit your site is where things get tricky — and expensive. For some companies, paying for ads is the best way, but that’s not always an option for those on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways…

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5 Signs Your Website May Not Be Doing Its Job

Does your business website work? This may seem like a simple question if you focus solely on whether or not people can access it. But is it really doing a good job for your company? Most small and medium-size business owners aren’t likely to know how to answer. If you fall into that group, discover…

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4 Functions of the H2 Tag

Girl smiling and using laptop

Many people know about title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags. But did you know that H tags go beyond the H1 tag? H tags, or header tags, can go from H1 to H6. While H1 is the most important, another important one is the H2 tag. Discover four functions this specific H tag can…

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3 Overlooked Strategies for Digital Content Creation

Woman taking notes and writing on computer

In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to keep your digital content fresh and captivating. And with the right strategies, you can maximize your efforts and reach a much broader audience. Especially in the digital age we are currently living in, captivating content can make or break an advertisement or marketing campaign. When it…

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5 Ways to Create Effective Calls to Action

Hand holding megaphone with blue background

Calls to action, or CTAs, are a marketing tool that invites or prompts website users to do something. If you want to ensure that your calls to action are effective, then discover five tips on how to craft quality CTAs for your website.   1.Choose the Right Verbs   Calls to action can include any…

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How to Use Meta Descriptions to Drive Click-Through Rate

Woman taking notes while looking at laptop

The meta description is the snippet of text that Google shows to Internet users so they can see what your page is about. A page’s meta description is not a factor in page ranking itself as of September of 2009, but it can influence click-through rate, which is a huge ranking factor. Learn what to…

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5 Tips for Effective Calls to Action

We’ve already covered the conversion funnel and how to implement this framework in your website’s copy — but what about that last step? To convert casual readers into paying customers, you need the right calls to action.

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What is Duplicate Content and Why It Matters

Since the early prototypes of the internet were developed in the 1960s, this global network has grown and expanded in ways very few visionaries could have predicted. Thanks to the internet, people can shop online, work remotely, and advertise their goods and services to greater market audiences. In fact, in 2019, as many as 1.92…

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